To mark our 5 year anniversary we’re excited to announce our plans to publish a book documenting the first five years of the Woking Peregrine Project, capturing the Peregrines through every stage of their development.

We now plan to print a limited run of 40 copies. They will be digitally printed with a soft back cover, on high quality satin 170gsm stock. The book is in the final stages of development, and so we hope to go to print very soon. Please keep an eye out both on this website and via our Twitter feed for further developments.

The Woking Peregrine Project – The First Five Years

Foreword by Richard Taylor Jones

We’re very fortunate to have the foreword written by BBC Wildlife Cameraman Richard Taylor Jones. Richard has his place in the story of the Woking Peregrine Project when he came to film the peregrines for The One Show. In the foreword he shares his personal fascination with peregrines and gives us the back story on how these wonderful birds have adapted to, and thrived in, the urban environment.

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